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  1. Posted by JUSTBEINGJMAC, — Reply

    they forgot to say pray after all of that you still have to pray and ask God to guide your day protect you under his blood and cover your family in Jesus name Amen duhh 😉

  2. Posted by bestkim3387, — Reply

    Y’all make sure to wear the freshest fits to high school. Like dem emoji outfits and always run to class Edit: y’all notice how the guys with the ugliest shoes have the richest families

  3. Posted by gracemorichelli, — Reply

    hey! i have a board called “edited by me” where i edit pictures from pinterest, vsco and more! it would mean so much if you could check it out and maybe save a pin? x

  4. Posted by rubyalexis999, — Reply

    Most scrubs have little chunks of rough stuff that tears you skin little by little for instance if it’s a sea scrubs there might be seashells and give you wrinkles as you get older

  5. Posted by acoconutlesbian, — Reply

    Me: Lip Gloss, green vans, hair in a bun, Cologne Me in my head thinking people will know im a lesbian: I THINK WE'VE GOT A STEAL

  6. Posted by oceans0822, — Reply

    Wow thanks. I really need to know how to look good for school. I totally don’t need to know how to actually PREPARE FOR A CLASS. 🤦‍♀️

  7. Posted by cailliau0470, — Reply

    Is it sad that I can’t tell if they mean find a exfoliating face mask or a medical face mask

  8. Posted by juhiw22, — Reply

    These are things to do before school starts but nothing has to do with school and education.

  9. Posted by dillansessler08, — Reply

    Google photos works really good for me since I don’t use iCloud or Dropbox

  10. Posted by elizabridges11, — Reply

    I have loads of life hacks on my acount xx so follow to see them xx

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